With the SMC manufacturing system established by Dekorsan Group of Companies, we wanted to provide a solution for channel gates in urban roads as individuals who care about the
environments, after starting manufacturing in our industries.

SMC materials consist of clipped glass fiber, polyester resin and chemical additives. The parts are manufactured with SMC materials prepared in their specific machines being compressed in hydraulic presses under high pressure inside steel moulds heated with hot oil. Parts manufactured with this method have high mechanical endurance values and are highly resistant to oil, acid and other challenging environmental conditions. Thus, SMC grills and channel gates are commonly used worldwide.

Recently, we have been experiencing problems with channel gates in the cities.

SMC channel gates we manufacture as a solution to this problem have the following characteristics:

They will not be stolen as they are not reusable,

They will not cause the tires to be punctured as there is no need to weld them into the roads with iron rods,

The unaesthetic appearance caused by rust will no longer be a problem,

Thanks to the special cutting technique used and characteristics of the material, the vehiclespassing through will not cause a noise,

The product will not suddenly break as it does not get affected by the differences of temperature,

These products are available in all desired colors for a modern look.

With our best regards…


Resistance to Corrosion

Composite product are designed to be used in challenging environmental conditions. These products do not require additional protection against rust, such as extra layers of paint or other surface treatments.

These products are resistant to many chemicals (acids, alkalis, solvents)

They have high UV stability.

Impact Resistance

The structural flexibility of these products increase resistance to impacts, bending and breaking.

They have low thermal expansion values.

They have low noise and vibration levels.

Aesthetical and Architectural Advantages

These products have a smooth surface.

They can be manufactured with a wide range of color options.

Although they are lighter in weight compared to metals, they are more durable.

They can be manufactured in accordance with the required entrance, bending and impact resistance values.

They have a long lifespan and they are low maintenance.

They are easy to mount as they are lightweight and are not costly.

They have self­extinguishing and flame retardation properties. (They can put out flames.)

They are dimensionally stable. Their sizes do not change in time.

The risk of theft is significantly low as the scraps of this material are not valuable.

They minimize noise pollution.

The polyester resin used in composites is fit for purpose and can be colored using special pigment additives.

These products can also be manufactured as pre­dyed.